Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Newbie Game Night #3

Nate, Dacks, and Penny came over tonight to play In the Year of the Dragon, but first Penny, Nate, Lowski and I played a game of Race for the Galaxy.

I have a feeling that Penny felt a little overwhelmed by Race for the Galaxy, but Tyler seemed to have no problem picking it up. Of course Nate and I had played before. Everyone said they liked YotD... Nate scored an impressive 118 or so, beating me by at least 10 points. Penny ended with 86ish, which is better than I did in my first couple of games. Dacks made 2 fairly major errors, and therefore ended up last on the score track, but the good news is that he recognized them each a turn later. I think Nate really liked the game, and I hope Penny and Dacks liked it enough to play again sometime.

Edit: Both Nate and Dacks have said that they definitely do want to play In the Year of the Dragon again :)

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