Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am so sick of SPAM!

There are currently 678 messages in my spam box on - as well as 239 in my spam folder. These are spam messages that have been caught by the respective sites' spam filters and dumped into a junk box without my having to see them. Google's spam filters are pretty good, and I hardly ever receive any spam in my gmail inbox. Yahoo on the other hand is HORRIBLE - I receive several spam messages each day in my inbox. I'm trying to migrate entirely away from Yahoo because I'm sick of how horrible all their features are relative to gmail.

But mostly I'm just sick of getting spam email. I don't love junk mail in my physical mailbox either. I got rid of my home phone because the only people EVER to call it were telemarketers. I never even answered because I knew it wasn't someone I actually wanted to talk to.

I've always wondered why that kind of advertising works. I guess if 1/2 of 1% of messages are replied to and generate a sale, then the mass spam marketing is working - because they spend a LOT of spam mail, and 0.5% of a LOT is significant. You'd think with all these spam filters and the general public distaste for junk mail that no one would ever reply to these things, they'd generate no sales, and someone would eventually realize they simply weren't worth the trouble. And yet it persists.

I just counted the messages in my spam folder dated 3/5/08 (yesterday) - it's over 50. None of which I'd ever be remotely interested in. "Perfectly defined, long, curvy lashes?" No thanks. "TellUs WhichBeer YouPrefer & get 100Bucks?" No thanks.

And to beat the spam filters, most of these messages have obnoxious spellings, extra characters, or strangely placed spaces. It's like being assaulted by 9 year olds. relentless, nonsensical 9 year olds.

I guess I just wanted to vent. If I see another stupid spam message today, I'm afraid I may do something rash!

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