Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Superbowl 2008 (or XLII or whatever)

In just 2 short weeks, two monumental events will occur, at least one of which warrants celebration. First off, there's the Superbowl on Sunday Feb 3. But more importantly, Monday Feb 4th my friend Steve Bowles will be leaving for Pittsburgh for good! So to send him off right I'm organizing pickup Ultimate at Himmel park Sunday morning, and a BBQ at my house to watch the game on my big, fat (62") TV. Maybe even in HD.

I've had this TV for a few years now, it's about time I used it as an excuse to have a party! As usual though, I like to pile up reasons before I actually do anything. So now there's the Superbowl, Steve's going away party, and the underlying ulterior motive behind the whole thing... I want a new grill - and this will force me to buy one.

In the end though, I'm gonna miss Steve. He was one of the frisbee players who was closer to "friend" than "acquaintance". Ah well, at least he's got a job now!

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