Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today the DirecTV people came and installed the HD DVR receivers, and evidently it involves a new satellite dish. this one sees 5 Satellites instead of just 3.

I got a glimpse of the picture quality, and it was amazing on one of those computer animated movies (Open Season). On the down side, non-HD programming looks worse through the HD receiver than through a regular one! I guess we'll find out how much non-HD stuff I end up watching, and how upset it makes me that I had to pay a ton of money to get worse reception on stuff that's not broadcast in HD. They have about 85 channels that they broadcast in HD, but I don't subscribe to all of them. Wouldn't it be funny if I went through all this effort and money just to reduce the number of channels I can reasonably watch?

I guess we'll see. I hope that the movies and enough HD channels come out that I end up happy with the new receiver.

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