Sunday, November 4, 2007

Guest House pics (about damn time)

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my guest house. I still haven't gotten around to renting it out yet, but I did advertise it on Craig's List, which is pretty darn cool by the way.

This blogger interface is approximately the worst for posting pics, so I'll do the best I can...

This is the front of the house from Wilson. My car is in the driveway - I usually leave that spot for the tenant since it faces the living room.

As you walk into the front door, you're in the kitchen.
The door beyond the kitchen leads to the bathroom.

In the bathroom there's a decent sized shower,
and some new cabinets.

Coming back out of the bathroom you can see the door from the inside, as well as the new fridge and stove.

Here's the kitchen from the living room...
...and the living room from the kitchen.
And then there's the bedroom:

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