Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wow, McDonald's = Traffic!

You may note that little Sitemeter logo at the bottom of the page... I put that on my blog to sort of see if anyone reads it. A few people do I guess, I don't pay for the full service which would tell me more detailed things about visitors, but it sort of tells me the IP of people who check out my blog, approximately where in the world they're located, and sometimes where they clicked in from (and where they clicked out to).

Ever since I posted about the McDonald's Monopoly game thing, I've been getting a ton more hits from people searching Google for ways to get free game pieces!

Well, I still haven't won anything, except for a couple breakfast sandwiches and a shake. No real prizes yet. On Wikipedia there's some info as to which pieces are the rare ones. It mentions how the online game works as well - basically that they choose a particular time to release a 'winning' property, and the first user to play after that time will get one of the 'rare' virtual properties, allowing them to win.

Noone's left any comments for me, which implies that either people I know don't eat at McDonald's (likely), or that the people that read this blog want the stamps for themselves - which is fine. I haven't been to McD's in over a week anyway, so I guess I'm not trying all that hard to win anything.

But man, wouldn't it be cool to randomly win thousands of dollars? I think that would be pretty cool. Normally I play games where you win based on your skill and the choices you make, and I win a lot of games that way. It would be refreshing to win something given little real deserving effort for a change :)

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