Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guitar Hero skillz improving

I haven't played Guitar Hero since last weekend, but more importantly I haven't played Freebird on Hard in a couple weeks. Nate came over tonight and we started and ended the night with Freebird (pro faceoff)...

The first game I felt I did pretty mediocre-ly, and Nate kicked my ass - by a whole 1,000 points or something (the joke, for those not familiar with GH, is that 1,000 points is nothing). The last game though I did really well. I'm still missing notes on the 'easy' first half (6 of them in fact), but I bested my current high score - I got 251k! Unfortunately in Pro Faceoff mode it doesn't appear to record the high score, but the point is that I'm getting better. If I can just perfect that pre-solo part, then the next goal will be 275k points, which I hope to hit quickly and move on to a goal of 300k.

Stephanie had better watch out... maybe not by November, but by the next time I see her after that I think I'll be able to giver her a run for her money!

Edit: Since this post I have improved my high score to 288k, and I consistently break 260k.

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