Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I wish I had Halloween costumes as bad-ass as this

Today is "International "talk like a Pirate day" (Arr.) - and someone on my frisbee league team sent this pic of what I believe was his Halloween costume from last year...

I used to borrow period clothing from my friends in the SCA for Halloween, which was cool at first, but when it's the same thing every year it gets old. A few years ago I had a really killer costume - unfortunately I don't have any photos of it.

Using 2 bits of wood and a broom handle I made a marionette handle which I strapped to my back, and I put retractable clotheslines on each end, 2 to my wrists and 2 to my knees, so that when I raised my arm or leg, the line would retract.

Then I printed out a picture of George W Bush's face, stuck it to some cardboard and cut out the eyes. I also cut out the mouth and put 2 vertical slits, sliding he chin down a little for a mouth hole. that was the mask.

In case that's not clear, the effect was a marionette of George Dubya. I wore this to a frisbee party (most frisbee players are liberal), and it was a month before elections... went over really well. :)

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