Monday, June 4, 2007

Busy, fun filled weekend!

My god, I think I need a weekend from my weekend! Here's what my schedule's looked like since Friday...

Friday, 5pm: Friends start arriving for a BBQ. Karen, Kage, Tyler, Eric, Michael, Sean, Steve, Nate, John, Bo, Weike and Karl all came by and we made burgers, played Guitar Hero, Werewolf, and Time's Up! After a bunch of people left, Bo, Nate, Eric and I played Arkadia - a new board game which I really like. There was more Guitar Hero after that, and after everyone left I practiced my Hammer-ons until late o'clock.

Saturday, 11am: Went to Grandma's house to help her with a few things, then we got some lunch.

Saturday, 2pm: From there I went straight to my friend Joe's wedding on Mount Lemmon. It was actually pretty cool, and the groom made wan-tans. There was also beef and veggies for kabobs, and a pinata.

Saturday, 7pm: From the wedding I went straight to Chilie's to meet my friend Ron's birthday group - about 30 people strong. After dinner they went back to his house and there was some Guitar Hero, a game of Mission: Red Planet, and some Karaoke. I got home from that around late o'clock again, so didn't have time to work on my convention reports and stuff :(

Sunday, 11am: Time for playtesting - Aric, Eric, Ben, and Joe came over and we tested the heck out of the 'advanced rules' for Blockade Runner (a Firefly themed game I'm making with Bo). We also played Aric's board game version of the old computer game Worms.

Sunday, 5pm: Time flies! Eric and I went to Sunday pickup. Karen had talked Tyler into coming. Steve Bowles was there too, and Ryan and Anthony - that's 5 members of my league team plus Karen (who's evidently our mascot, even though she's the captain of another team). There were some Tucson High kids there, so they played with us. It's good to have fresh, young people starting to play ultimate, however it's also hard to get any good play in.

Sunday, 7:30pm: Karen, Eric, Tyler, Ryan, Anthony and I went to Eegees, where one of the high school kids (Corbin) was eating. We all went to my house afterwards for, you may have guessed it... more Guitar Hero! Corbin is a superstar, so he was playing on Expert. Afterplaying GH all weekend, I'm getting to the point where I should probably step up to Hard from Medium. Karen, despite crying about being scared of Medium on Friday, is almost ready to move up to Hard as well. I want to get the Hammer-ons and Lift-offs down before stepping up the difficulty, but I've been trying to keep my fingers in the right place for using all five buttons so when Orange starts popping up (on the Hard level) I won't be completely screwed.

In the middle of all the Guitar Heroing, I got a chance to chat with my friend Stephanie from L.A... she had just installed Skype and added me as a contact, just as I sat down to check my email. So we talked on Skype for a bit, which was cool because Skype is pretty cool, and because we hardly ever talk anymore.

After most of the guests left it was just me, Eric, and Karen, and after a while we switched from Guitar Hero (and the odd game of Katamari Damacy) to Karaoke Revolution for a while.

Monday, 2am: I am writing this, thinking about finishing Day 2 of my convention report, and ready to fall asleep.

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