Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two months

Two months since the last post... I haven't had much to say I guess. I haven't done any thinking about New Year Resolutions at all, which kind of disappoints me. I've also not been concentrating on losing weight or exercise, which also kind of disappoints me.

On the bright side of things, Eminent Domain is about to go to the printers - all the illustrations are done and the rulebook is getting some finishing touches. I will be very happy when that goes to the printer - I guess it'll be time to start working on the 1st expansion soon!

I just got back from Los Angeles for OrcCon, where I had a lot of fun. Sadly then I got sick - flu or maybe food poisoning. Feeling much better now though.

Upcoming travel: I plan to go to GAMA trade show with Mike again in March, and I'm also planning on going to New York for a Spielbany meetup (game design group) in April. Berkleyish for KublaCon in May, and of course Seattle for Potlatch in July. I havven't made any SPECIFIC plans for any of those trips yet, but I am planning on going and therefore I guess I'd better get on the arrangements!

I've got 2 Tasty Minstrel submissions which I like, got to figure out if they'd make good 2012 releases. One is like a cross between Railroad Tycoon and Roborally - I'm enjoying that a lot. The other is an economic game.

Well, that's the update.

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