Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seattle trip 2010 - the bad start got better!

Only fair to say that I was able to get on a plane only 6 hours later then planned, and therefore arrived only a little later than I wanted to! Could have been a lot worse!! A teammate did miss her connection, which was a bummer, but she arrived ready to play on Saturday morning and she was great!

The tournament was awesome, as usual. I actually enjoyed the cooler weather - when the sun came out it was gorgeous! There was some rain on Sunday, but other than that it was probably the best tournament weather I've ever had.

And that's fitting because at this tournament we finished better than ever before! 2 years ago we were placed in the "C" pool, but we lost our first single elimination game. This year we were in the "C" pool again, but this time we managed to win - not only our first single elim. game, but the second as well, then Semifinals, then finals! Woohoo, go Solo Bueno!

I stayed at the fields again Monday night, and Jeremy picked me up this morning and dropped me at a rental place where I picked up a rental car. Not as nice as the Corolla I had last year, but about 25% the cost - I only need it for 7 days instead of 11, but even compared to 2x the cost of this car rental, last years was more than 2x as much!

Tonight Jeremy, Amelia and I went to a local Music in the Park thing with Renee, Matt, and Jonah. Tomorrow I plan to play some pickup frisbee on Microsoft campus, then later go to a game night with some friends. So far my vacation is excellent, despite the shaky start!

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