Monday, October 5, 2009

SW Regionals - not so good :(

Last weekend was SW frisbee Regionals, and the Tucson Men's team Monsoon didn't fare as well as I'd hoped. We had 4 games on Saturday, 2 of which we were sure to lose (against Johnny Bravo from Colorado and against Street Gang from San Diego). However, the other 2 games (vs Monster from L.A. and Sunburn from the U of A) were certainly winable.

We played Monster first, and in true Tucson Ultimate form, we had a shakey start. I don't think I've ever been on a team that could get their shit together in the first half of the first game. We cleaned it up second half, but unfortunately time ran out on us - they won 11-8.

In the second game against Johnny Bravo we played pretty well - scoring 7 points total. I got a hand block against them which was fun, even if it was probably one of their second or third string players.

Our third game was against Sunburn, who we scrimmaged recently at practice. We beat them by 1 point in the scrimmage, despite truly terrible play. We were hopeful to play better this time and beat them definitively this time. The game started out OK, and we were up 8-5 at one point... but it was all downhill from there. We completely fell apart, and ended up losing 11-9. I pulled a muscle in this game, and didn't play as much as I would have liked - and I had 1 really embarrassing turnover as well... immediately after having a conversation with Anthony about cutting deep, I hucked to his deep cut - and though he had started going deep (as per the play), he inexplicably stopped. The disc sailed deep to nobody.

Dejected, we played our final game against San Diego without much heart. Not only were we outmatched, but I don't feel like we were trying very hard at that point, and they beat us 11-3.

Since we lost all of our games, there were no games scheduled for us on Sunday so I decided to come home that night rather than stay through the weekend. I did find out that Barrio - the Tucson co-ed team - won the Region and will be returning to Nationals again this year. Good job Barrio, and good luck in Florida!

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