Monday, June 8, 2009

Shape it up - and other life updates

Ever since I went to Ogden to play Frisbee at a tournament called Daweena (which it appears I never blogged about), I decided it is high time I got back into shape! I am much too slow and weak to be playing frisbee tournaments as it is. In an effort to do so I not only have been going to Conditioning, and now *2* frisbee practices a week as well as league and pickup (5 days a week of exercise!), but I also cut sodas down to 1 per week (another 1 or 2 on weekends) and quit eating brownies and candy and stuff like that. I figured if I lost weight it would help the fitness thing... I am between 172 and 175 now, which is pretty good. I've been slipping a little on the food part, but as yet I haven't appreciably gained any weight. Maybe it's time to target 165-170...

In two weeks I'll be going to another tournament, this one in Eugene, and I'd like to perform well there. Two weeks after that is Potlatch, and that's probably going to be even more fun (and the better I play, the more fun it'll be!)

While I'm in Seattle for Potlatch, I'll also meet my brand new baby nephew! Renee had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago, Jonah Reuben Titelbaum. By the time I get out there he'll be about 6 weeks old... not old enough to hold a frisbee yet, but before too long I'll teach him how to throw.

Today I spent all day in a house full of 3 year olds (or younger). My friend Marc's daughter had her 2nd birthday party, and there were about 6 kids (age range 2-3), 3 babies (non-ambulatory), and maybe 20 adults. It showed how nice and big Marc's house is to comfortably host so many people! And it was a zoo of little 2-3 foot tall people running around making messes left and right, and shouting. I still want a kid, but maybe just one. And I don't look forward to birthday parties like that!

And finally, another amusing thing I saw on the internet. Actually, I saw this on Comedy Central, and then looked it up on the internet... There's a guy who wrote some amusing songs (raps, actually) and put them on YouTube in order to show his brother. I guess they got really popular, and this guy has a CD out and a Comedy Central Presents segment on TV. His name is Bo Burnham, and really he's more clever than he is funny - a lot of his jokes are sexual in nature, or crude... but it's the cleverness for which I give him props. Some of his songs are puns on top of puns on top of puns. If you think you might be into that kind of thing then check him out.

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