Monday, April 6, 2009

It's like work only I'm not getting paid...

I still haven't got a job, so I'm helping my friend start a publishing company to publish board games. This is good news for me, as the first games on the list are my game about space exploration and another game I helped develop as well. In an effort to prepare my game for publication I spent a lot of time this weekend testing, tweaking, updating, and otherwise polishing. And there's still more work to do!

The cool thing is that it doesn't feel like work. Which is good, because I'm not getting paid for it (not yet at least). I've never believed in the idea of people really loving their job - I've always believed that if you had to do something then you would stop loving it. Part of the loving to do things is that you're doing it of your own volition. Take that away and I don't think it's possible to really love what you do.

Hopefully this endeavor will prove me wrong!

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