Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vegas, Frisbee, Wind, Brownies and Cookies!

I went to Las Vegas last weekend to play in an Ultimate tournament. Saturday was MIS-ER-A-BLE in that there were constant winds of 40-50 miles per hour! I have honestly never felt so impotent as I did facing into that wind and trying to throw a 175g plastic disc...

Sunday was MUCH better though, as the wind was gone and even though the TV said the high was going to be 45 degrees (cold!), the weather was beautiful! I had a great time on Sunday and played some fun Ultimate. This in contrast to Saturday, which you can't really classify as Ultimate at all.

While in Vegas I played a little Craps, but it's just not fun to gamble by yourself. A couple friends were watching, so I felt like I was holding them up so I wasn't having a good time. I ended up losing some money because I wasn't really betting as optimally as I could have been :(

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel, for a mere $109 total! They had some kind of promotion where the second night was free, so the whole trip was pretty cheap. We ate at the buffet there which cost $30, and I tried hard to get my money's worth... a plate of Salad followed by 2 full plates of ribs and Beef Broccoli, some turkey,pork pot stickers, and a sampling of various other things... washed down with 3 sodas and 4 waters. When clearing an empty water glass away the waitress asked if I wanted anything. I asked for more water (she had a carafe right there), but rather than fill my glass she said she had to go get me a new one because she'd touched this one already. "What a strange rule," I thought, and when she returned and handed the glass to me (as she had the first time) I almost asked if she'd bring me another since she'd now touched that one, but I decided to keep the joke to myself.

I've been hanging out with my friend Mandy a lot lately, and she bakes all the time. She's always bringing over cookies when she comes for board games and she brings all kinds of baked goods to frisbee league. I guess I decided to start doing some of that too, so I've been making Brownies. Nothing fancy, just a box from the grocery store... but I've always liked that kind. I brought a batch to Las Vegas with me and they were well liked. Today I made some more, as well as some chocolate chip cookies (also from the store, not from scratch). I figure my family and friends will be in town so it'll be nice to have snacks around.

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