Monday, December 22, 2008

Resolutions to come, and unfortunate scheduling

It's getting close to time for another set of New Years Resolutions. I'm going to put some thought into them again this year - I like how it worked out last year. I'll be reprising some of the resolutions that are ongoing, especially the one to check in on my progress!

One resolution might have to be to keep better scheduling. I was very excited about an upcoming trip to Los Angeles for Protospiel West - a game designer meet-up thing. It's going to happen January 24th and 25th. Without realizing the conflict, I've made plans to play in a frisbee tournament that same weekend in Las Vegas!

I'm going to have to figure out which of those I really want to do, and I'm going to have to do it in a hurry so I can make the appropriate arrangements and tell the appropriate people.

I'm pretty bad with scheduling, and my memory in general doesn't seem as strong as I used to think it was. I'm not thrilled about that - maybe I can craft a New Years Resolution to address it.

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