Sunday, July 27, 2008

A couple more pics

Not great ones, but here are a couple more pics of Eve.

Here she's exploring a Chipotle to-go bag. I hope it's not too blurry!

My parents came over Saturday to meet Evie - and of course they love her. Here's a pic from my dad's phone (which appears to be better than mine):

I lover her big, wispy whiskers!


Renee said...

The cat's out of the bag, Seth's a big softy when it comes to kitties!

Did you pick her out b/c she's a tuxedo, like Misty?

Seth Jaffee said...

I didn't really pick her out at all. My friends had these kittens they were trying to find homes for, and I accepted one.

I like the way she looks very much though!