Monday, June 9, 2008

Oops... missed it!

I hate the feeling of sitting at home thinking there was something you were going to do, but you can't recall what it was. I had that feeling a little this weekend, but it was OK because I did have interesting things to do. Namely I played a lot of Brass, a new board game I got about the Industrial revolution, and my friend Marc was in town and I spent time with him on Saturday.

However, there was something I was planning to do last weekend - I was going to go to Phoenix for a Nocturnal Hat Tournament (a frisbee tournament, at night, with random teams). there are usually 2 of these each summer, and I enjoy playing int hem because I like to play frisbee, especially at night, and this is a good opportunity to do so.

Ah well, at least I wasn't sitting on my butt all weekend doing nothing. I'll have to be sure and try to make the next one though.

This weekend there's a game convention in Phoenix, but I'm not convinced I really want to go. Last year I went and spent all my time playing games with John, Eric, and Bo - which I can do all the time from the comfort of my own home. I guess I haven't decided yet on this one...

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