Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane...

I probably waited a little too long to do this, but I just bought plane tickets to Seattle for my annual trip. With the exception of last year when my cousin got married in L.A., I've been going to Seattle every 4th of July to play in a frisbee tournament and to visit friends and family. I like to make it a nice 10 or 11 day trip, because I can hit 2 weekends and only take 4 days off work. Since I always plan things at the last minute, I usually decide the best course is to just do what I think I want to do (with respect to flight times) and then work out details of my trip. I'm not a big planner...

So I just bought tickets, and I have no idea exactly what I'll be doing or when I'll be doing it. Here's what I know so far:

Friday 6/27 11:25am: Leave Tucson.
Friday 6/27 2:25pm: Arrive in Seattle, pick up rental car.
Friday through Thursday: Visit Renee and Matt, Julie and Peter, Alex and Sean, Mohan, Loose Cannon...
Thursday 2:00pm: Return car and hitch a ride to the frisbee fields
Thursday through Sunday: Play frisbee and hang out at the fields.
Sunday afternoon: If I'm lucky, Renee and Matt will want to do lunch and drop me off at the airport. Otherwise I'll find another ride to the airport with frisbee people.

I'm looking forward to my trip!

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