Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life is hectic this time of year (and Rock Band is pretty cool)

I may have mentioned, I love this time of year. It's like a big 2 month holiday. I fill up my time with a lot of close friends, and I do a lot of fun stuff. Sometimes there's so much to do and so many people to do it with, I actually get overbooked! That's a great problem to have for someone who usually feels like they haven't got a lot of friends...

I've been busy, as usual - too busy even to blog about it! My Holiday Game Party was a blast, I got to spend a lot of time with Luke and Steve while they were in town, and it's not even over yet! Jeremy and Amelia, Mohan, and Aaron are still around, and I even got to spend some time with Mikey when his wife and kids went up to Phoenix for a few days.

Last night we had a lot of fun playing Rock Band for 4 or 5 hours - Jeremy got it for Christmas and brought it over. Rock Band is pretty cool. Drums are hard. Singing is easier than Karaoke Revolution. Guitar is easier than Guitar Hero 3, but is still not super easy. I expect we'll play a lot more Rock Band before Jeremy leaves town again. I heard it came out for PS2 after all, so I might splurge and pay the $170 or whatever for it.

And now I'm off for more fun and games!

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