Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas in November?

No one outside the Jewish community really knows when Hanukkah is, so maybe it's fine if this year it started on Friday. Besides, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving, doesn't it? I mean I heard Christmas music in the grocery store on November 19th this year!

Friday my friend Jeremy (who lives in Oregon) came over and we played a little Magic. He also brought his Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero 3, but we didn't have a second controller so I said "screw it, let's go to Best Buy I'll get GH3 for PS2," which I'd been thinking about doing for a while anyway. We went, and Jeremy even bought it for me for Hanukkah, which was cool.

While we were over there we went to Game Daze to see if they had any of the new stuff. I figured they wouldn't, but I was sad I hadn't brought anything new home from the convention last week. It turned out they had one copy of Cuba and one copy of Race for the Galaxy - these were two of the games I was most interested in from Essen. I played each at the convention and didn't love them to death, but now I felt like I wanted to play them. They had a sale going on that day only where you get 25% off everything if you spend over $75, so I got both games as well as Lost Cities for Jeremy and his girlfriend. He had said he was looking for a good 2 player game to play with Amelia, and Lost Cities is always a big hit.

So I played GH3 a lot on Friday, as well as 2 games of RftG with Nate and my friend Winton who stopped by on his way into town.

Saturday was my game club's Family Game Day at Bookman's - I played games ALL DAY LONG. I played RftG, Railroad Tycoon, 2 games of Cuba, and then another 2 games of RftG to close out the night as Bookman's staff was kicking us out the door.

After that Jeremy and I went back to my house, we played another game of Magic, and my friends Anita and Ryan showed up. They played some Guitar Hero, then we designed T-shirts for the frisbee tournament coming up this weekend.

So the reason this post started off talking about Christmas in November is because I feel like the proverbial kid at Christmas with all my new toys... Guitar Hero 3, Cuba, Race for the Galaxy, and a pre-order of Agricola (my grandma's Hanukkah present to me), the new game that came out this year that everyone is raving about (it's in German though, the English version that I pre-ordered will be out around April).

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