Thursday, September 27, 2007

Even when you don't know them...

... it's sad to hear of a death in the family. My mom just sent me the following email about her Uncle Bernie. She mentioned last week that Bernie had called her and talked for half an hour, and that that was unusual. I'm glad she got a chance to talk to him (and evidently send text messages as well).

Hi, I love you. My dad (Samuel Edward Fine - known as Ed Fine) had one brother- Bernard Fine, my uncle Bernie, who was 86 years old and lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He died today. Frank called and let me know. One of Uncle Bernie's grandchildren had called him.

I had just spoken on the phone with Uncle Bernie a week and a half ago for 38 minutes when he called to wish me Happy New Year. He said it all in Hebrew. Leshana Tova Tikvutanu. Bernie was a very nice man who cared sincerely about others and about life and philosophy and writing and reading and family. He mentioned to me that he enjoyed walking and that lately his legs felt very heavy and that the bottoms of his feet were bothering him and that his balance was a bit off. He told me that he missed walking.

I will miss him. He had been suffering from Cancer for over 30 years. I know that you did not know Uncle Bernie, but I wanted to tell you a bit about what good stock you come from. He was a good man. He was a good businessman for many many years before he retired. He had several seat cover stores (people used to buy new car seat covers to spruce up their cars rather than simply trading in their cars years
ago) and his stores also sold and installed car stereos. Bernie had three children and they had children and he and Aunt Helen had 9 great grand children. He told me that two of the great grandchildren are in Hebrew School and are about to be Bar Mitzvah'd.

That is just about all I know about his side of the family. We have not been close with them since I was a child. They all live in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Indiana area.


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