Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I've got no willpower :(

"Let's see how that goes..."

... it didn't :/

Rather, it was back to the couch for me for about 2 weeks straight. I finally got out to pickup yesterday, and once again (or still), I'm all out of shape and stuff :(

On the up side, starting this week there's Frisbee league on Wednesdays, scrimmages vs the Women's team on Thursdays, and pickup on Sundays. Also, the last couple of days I have been eating much better than usual - a small salad for lunch the last two days, I made stir fry last night for dinner. I haven't had a fast food burger or a soda since last Thursday. And I'm making a concerted effort not to eat too much at a time.

I'm going to a game convention this weekend, which probably means 4 days of bad eating habits and tons of soda, but who knows... maybe I can keep it reasonable.

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