Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Vacation update

Well, I'm in sunny Califoria. I got a chance to eat at The Hat yesterday, and I played games with Chris, Shannon, Steph and Travis. I just got out of the jacuzzi, and it's about time for bed.

The imporetant thing to note however is that I found some pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee! Tomorrow morning I'll go to Caltech and play from 9-12, and that's right near The Hat, so it'll be another Pastrami Burger for me :)

Sunday I'll play a little frisbee by the Rose Bowl right before the wedding, but I'll probably have to cut it short to be in time for the wedding :/

Also, I got invited back to Chris and Shannon's again for more games tomorrow night! Awesome. Maybe I'll get people to play All For One this time!

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